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'Humor That Works' in the workplace

Andrew Tarvin says using humor in the workplace inspires more success; which he's written about in his book, "Humor That Works."

PORTLAND, Maine — Can you laugh with your coworkers? Should you? Andrew Tarvin is spreading the word of workplace happiness, through his book, "Humor That Works." 

For Tarvin, this journey started years ago with an improv comedy group in college. As an engineering major, this was an avenue of letting loose, and finding the funny. When he started working at Proctor & Gamble, he started a blog he called, "Humor That Works," all about keeping things light in the office. 

That blog spread to giving talks to companies all over the country, and now - the book. While Tarvin admits, this isn't a self-help book to make you funny; it's meant to offer up skills in humor and the right ways of using it in the workplace. 

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"It can also help to increase efficiency, reduce stress, improve creative thinking, get people to listen, help people understand things better, build better work relationships, and strengthen leadership skills," Tarvin writes. "If people dislike their job, this book will help. If people have disengaged employees, this book will help. If people disapprove of puns... this book will probably not help."

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