Summer time means fun time for most kids, but lots of the summer activities can also mean more bumps and bruises! We all know modern medicine offers a ton of effective cures. But how about some natural, but not so well-known remedies that could soothe your child and put a smile back into summer?

Mindy Apple knows her childrens' extra summer fun can bring extra ailments. It seems she's always trying to make things feel better.

"I just recently kind of got our pool bag ready and I made sure I put some band-aids and some bug sprays."

But she may want to pack a couple other odds and ends to help with those aches and pains. Dr. Hilary McClafferty says there are lots of things parents can try at home that they may never have considered in the past. First, if there's water in the ear, a hair dryer on low heat held a foot away can help.

"You can gently dry out the moist areas before infection sets up."

For bug bites with stingers, use a credit card to gently scrape the stinger out-a tweezer may break it off into the skin. Also, try cucumbers to ease any swelling, or baking soda can help.

"When mixed into a simple paste with a few drops of water and then placed on the bug bite can help soothe the inflammatory response."

A little duct tape on a wart will work wonders, too. Change it weekly-more if it gets wet--for about a month and a half. And if your child is prone to carsickness, pack some chewing gum.