TOLEDO (WTOL) - For those who are battling addiction, trying to stay sober this time of year can be particularly difficult.

“I had problems with drugs and alcohol,” said Dustin Werner.

He’s been sober for six months. He heard about Racing for Recovery on the news and something finally clicked.

“I was sick of living like that. Sick of being reliant on an inanimate object like drugs and alcohol," said Werner.

Werner said his mindset has totally changed. Instead of feeling powerless, he’s in control and thankful for this holiday season.

“This will be my first Christmas with my son and I’m just excited. I’m a dad now,” he said.

While Werner isn’t concerned about temptations this holiday season, Odd Crandall with Racing for Recovery said it can be a tough time of year for recovering addicts. He said it’s all about attitude.

“If you tell yourself, ‘the holidays are gonna be hard and they’re gonna be a struggle,’ then they’re gonna be. But if you go into it with a changed attitude, ‘I’ve survived my drug and alcohol addiction. This is the first time I’m going to enjoy the holidays with sobriety, and be around healthy, sober and productive people,’ that’s a whole other mindset to have and it works,” said Crandall.

Crandall advises to surround yourself with like-minded people and avoid places that serve alcohol.

If you feel a loved one may be struggling with addiction, don’t be combative. Instead, ask questions about how their life is going and how you can help them reach their goals and enjoy the season.