TOLEDO (WTOL) - “Holidays at the Manor House” is a 43-year-old Toledo tradition at the Wildwood Preserve Metropark.

The house features more than 30 decorated rooms each with a different theme sparkling with the Christmas spirit. The rooms are decorated by a winning volunteer group or individual.

Competition always begins in February.

“We actually do decorators interviews so folks come in, meet with me, sit down, give us their ideas so we can take a juried look at it and see what’s going to happen this year,” according to Shannon Hughes of the Manor House.

One unbelievable display is sponsored by the Metroparks. It’s in the Manor House solarium and features the treehouse village you’ll soon find in the Oak Openings region.

Alvin and Jan Grant painstakingly built it.

“They’re not a building. They’re just a shell. Made it with paint sticks and corrugated pizza sheets. All the roofs made with the pizza sheeting,” said Alvin.

The Manor House was home to the Stranahan family, founders of Champion Spark Plug. It and surrounding property was purchased by the Metroparks in the mid-seventies.

Volunteers gather to decorate the house for the holidays each year since the acquisition.

“It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. The creativity of each room interesting,” said Britget Coffee.

“And I love it. Everything is different each year," added Sallye Miyara.

‘Holidays at the Manor House’ runs December 1st-16th and hours are 10 a.m. through 8 a.m.

Admission is free and 40,000 visitors are expected.