TOLEDO (WTOL) - Some might say a new limited time offer at Holey Toledough is “out of this world.”

In honor of NASA’s big reveal of the first ever image taken of a black hole, the local donut shop has released a new outer space-themed treat.

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The store’s owner, Chris, was the brains behind this celestial creation. It has a dark brown base, with dark frosting mixed with swirls of orange and sprinkled with white and gold stars, reminiscent of NASA’s photograph.

Staying on theme, the crafty staff over at Holey Toledough has deemed this doughnut’s flavor as a “mystery.”

Anyone with a sweet tooth and a soft spot for science can pick one up, but you should hurry, they are almost sold out.

You can purchase the special donut for $2.50.

The shop is located at 3812 West Alexis Rd. and is open until 3 p.m.