TOLEDO (WTOL) - Historic South Initiative has undertaken one of the largest neighborhood revitalization projects ever in the City of Toledo.

The state of Ohio created a $300,000 fund for Historic South to provide lead-abatement and housing rehabilitation in the Old South End of Toledo. The organization was also required to raise an additional $300,000 during this two-year period.

During the first year of the project, 30 houses were directly impacted with new windows, roofs, siding and painting. By the time the project expires on June 30, 2019, it is anticipated that another 30 houses will be added to this total.

This project was initiated through a State of Ohio grant that is included in this current two-year budget.

The funding is managed by the Ohio Department of Health and distributed through the City of Toledo.

In a press released sent out by Chris Amato, one of the organization’s board of trustees member, Historic South Initiative hopes that state legislators will once again approve a similar funding grant so they can expand this project throughout the neighborhood.