(WTOL) - Ranch. You either love it or you hate it.

Hidden Valley Ranch has created three new dipping sauces that just might turn the haters into new fans.

Your favorite foods can now enjoy a dip into Bold Buffalo, Zestier Ranch and Ranch-Dipped Pizza Flavor.


The Bold Buffalo sauce is described as intense buttermilk, red peppers, onions and vinegar flavors.

“When you try this thick, creamy dip with your go-to snack, expect your taste buds to get jolted into a different realm of delicious,” Hidden Valley Ranch says on their website.

According to customer ratings, this sauce scores a perfect 100%. (2.79$)

Hidden Valley Ranch says their Zestier Ranch sauce is two times more zesty than their Classic Ranch.

“Think twice the garlic, twice the onion - twice the taste," the website says.

This sauce has yet to be reviewed, so try it out and then head over to Hidden Valley Ranch’s website to let them know what you think.

Finally, we have the Ranch-Dipped Pizza Flavor. Pizza and ranch have long been a favorite combination, so why not put them together in a dipping sauce?

“Now that they’re together in one rich, creamy dip, you can add a third thing - any dip-worthy delight you’ve got on hand,” says Hidden Valley Ranch.

You can score these 12-ounce bottles for just $2.79 at Meijer.

The company has also come out with three new dips as well: Thick and Creamy Classic Ranch, Thick and Creamy Buffalo Ranch and Bacon Ranch.

If that doesn’t bring all the sauce lovers to the yard (or should we say valley), then we don’t know what will.