Hicks family wants justice in death of loved one killed by police bullet
Linda Hicks
The family of Linda Hicks, who was shot and killed by a Toledo Police officer, is demanding justice following the recent grand jury ruling that exonerated the officer who pulled the trigger. Watch the attached video for Joe Stoll's full report.See the story below and attached stories for more information on the death of Linda Hicks.
TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A grand jury ruled Friday that Toledo Police Officer Diane Chandler, who fatally shot Linda Hicks, will not be indicted on a murder charge.

Chandler responded to a group home on Fernwood Dec. 14 after the home owner called police saying the 62-year-old Hicks was off her medication and acting uncontrollably.

Police say Hicks walked toward the officers with scissors raised and made threats. Chandler shot her in the head twice after a taser used by Officer Rebecca Kenney malfunctioned.