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Toledo-Lucas County Health Dept. breaks down Halloween, tailgate safety amid COVID-19

No matter what you're doing, if around other people it's better to mask up.

TOLEDO, Ohio — As Lucas County sees an uptick in COVID-19 cases, the health department has some tools to help people to trick-or-treat and tailgate safely.

Trick-or-treat is still a go in Lucas County, but Toledo-Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski asks that whether you're a princess, a dinosaur or a parent, you mask up. 

"Everybody needs to be wearing a face covering. Again, those individuals that are trick-or-treating, not just the mask, but they should really have that face covering as well as the individual that's passing out candy," Zgodzinski said.

Limiting exposure while doing the candy trade-off is equally as important.

"Actually, what I'm planning on doing is putting out a table and putting my candy out and kids can actually come up and pick from that area. I'm not handling it and then I can come back and sanitize that area," Zgodzinski said.

Whether you're out chasing a sugar buzz or sitting at home catching a Big Ten football game, Zgodzinski said to stick to your family unit as much as possible and keep the group gatherings to a minimum.

"What we're finding is we're doing a great job in public with face coverings and social distancing, but as soon as we're home or we're at that backyard party, we really do forget about face coverings and social distancing and things we need to protect us and our community," Zgodzinski said.

Zgodzinski said that another way to help limit the spread is by taking advantage of warm days outside if you want to talk with visitors.