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Sylvania pharmacist helps families get connected to baby formula

Some parents have traveled to the Sylvania Family Pharmacy from across the state to get formula they can't find anywhere else.

SYLVANIA, Ohio — As the baby formula shortage continues to span across the country, one local pharmacist is doing what he can to connect families with the formula they need.

Dr. Abdul Elkhatib, the owner of Sylvania Family Pharmacy, realized a few weeks ago he was able to order formula through his wholesaler.

Elkhatib said while he does not work regularly work with babies, he initially went into the medical field to help people. Typically, baby formula is not something pharmacies have stocked in bulk, but it's not unusual for them to order something specific for a customer if they're having trouble finding it.

"It's not necessarily something we used to keep in stock in bulk, it's something that we just kind of do as a common courtesy if anybody asks for it. With that being said you know it's something we do have on the shelf, but not in the bulk of orders we have been getting for people," he said.

For the past few weeks, Elkhatib has been ordering formula and selling it at a normal price in his store. He said some families have traveled all the way from Dayton, Ohio to purchase it. Additionally, he has shipped formula to families all across the country. 

He said he never expected this would be something he'd come across, and doesn't completely understand why he's had access to formula despite the national shortage.

Regardless, he is happy to assist families in any way he can as he knows how serious the problem is becoming for many.

"As long as I'm able to get it, you guys are free to get as many as you want. I'm not trying to limit people unless I get limited because at the end of the day we're trying to get it to everybody," he said.

For parents who are trying to find formula, Elkhatib and the staff at Sylvania Family Pharmacy are encouraging parents to reach out. They are located at 2114 N. Holland Sylvania Road in Sylvania and you can reach the pharmacy at 419-720-8000.

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