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SFWC: Meet Challenger Carolyn Korek

Carolyn Korek had no energy and plenty of back pain. After dropping 30 lbs., she feels better than ever.
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TOLEDO, Ohio — Meet Carolyn Korek: It's her first time in the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.  

Korek is a very busy lady, and was starting to have back pain, get easily winded and had absolutely no energy. She knew it was time for a change.

After dropping 30 lbs. during the SFWC, she says her back feels better, and she feels better. Now, she’s ready to be front and center more often. 

Let’s beat that quarantine 15! She might be new to the challenge, but she isn’t new to competition. Korek is a competitive barrel racer and she can really kick some…well, you know.

Before, she never liked to have her picture taken because she didn’t like the way she looked. She was having so much back pain, that she was at the doctor’s office two to three times a week. Through the SFWC, she was pushed her out of her comfort zone, she built strength and drop some weight.

She even won one of the toughest challenges at Skyzone!

After losing 30 lbs. and building her core, her pain is gone and she can throw hay bails with the rest of the cowboys!

"I went two to three times per week didn't notice anything at first, but the more I went, the better I was feeling and then when I started to lost more weight, I got more energy and it got so much easier," Korek said.

Korek finished the SFWC in 12th place and is working to drop another 20 lbs. 

She has three jobs and lives with her horses and dog. 

Korek has not had to go to the doctor since mid-December. 

“That is how much my exercise has helped my back. It has not only been physically, it has mentally helped me! I hated to get dressed to go anywhere," she said. “I never told anyone that I was doing this until I won that challenge at Skyzone. Then I got calls from friends that saw it on TV!”

Korek said that getting your meal plan together is key. 

“Biggest thing I did was stop eating processed foods, more fruits and vegetables a lot of salads for my lunch and don’t eat fast foods," she said.

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