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Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge Doctor's Orders: Managing arthritis

Are you feeling achy in your joints? It might be arthritis. Our Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge host Kelly Heidbreder gets a check-up with our ProMedica doctors.

TOLEDO, Ohio —

Dr. Erica Martin with ProMedica Physicians Family and Sports Medicine, says there are a lot of types of arthritis and the most common cause of arthritis is aging. “As we get older, we tend to get arthritis in our thumbs and the knuckles of our fingers,” Martin says. “You may notice stiffness, swelling, even some redness, and sometimes grip strength issues.”

Any joint can develop arthritis. Elbows are less common, but Dr. Martin says shoulder arthritis, especially in people who often do manual labor, is very common.

“It can be quite painful and debilitating. Arthritis decreases the range of motion you have and it may be painful to grab a coffee cup or bend the elbow and straighten it completely. Those can be signs of arthritis.”

Dr. Martin says taking over-the-counter medication for pain relief may be helpful. “Depending on the location of arthritis, exercise is important and may help. Joints by nature like to move and the movement allows the fluid lining of the joint to get flushed out and bring in new fluid and nutrients from the blood.”

Talk to your doctor if you are having pain so they can recommend the best treatment method for you.

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