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SFWLC: Challengers take on Sky Zone

Watch the Super Fitness Weight Loss team take on the Sky Zone Challenge.

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Our Super Fitness Weight Loss challengers have been trimming down since October, and some are knocking down some big numbers!

One challenger has lost 80 lbs. since the kick off party.

Recently, our Super Fitness participants took on the Sky Zone Challenge.

Challengers sprinted through the maze of trampoline areas.

Before they hit the first one however, they stopped at the bench for 10 tricep dips, and jumped up to do 10 wide side squats until they reached the jungle gym.

In the jungle gym, they did 10 flying jumping jacks, jumped or crawled over two obstacles and finished 10 burpees.

After catching their breath, they ran to the basketball area and shot three hoops. Challengers had to make all three baskets before moving to the next station.

Next, they completed 25 step-ups on the stairs, then moved on to the final obstacle, which was sprinting up to the rope.

For extra credit, challengers had the option to jump in the foam pit, touch the back wall and come to the front wall.

If they tackled Jacob’s ladder successfully, they won the whole challenge!

Two Challengers, Pat Peiffer and Jeff Hess were able to climb that ladder. Jeff Hess won the overall challenge with the quickest time.

See how the challengers did HERE!