TOLEDO (WTOL) - Super Fitness Weight Loss challengers are down to the top 15! These challengers took on the new “Hero Challenge" and trained like a firefighter.

Their host, Kelly Heidbreder and the trainers at Super Fitness worked with Richard Ottensman, Fire Charter Manager at the Owens Community College Center for Emergency Preparedness.

Challengers had to wear official turnout gear, a helmet and gloves. Their first task was to carry two fire extinguishers around the outside of the course.

After one lap, they drop the extinguishers and pull a full-sized human dummy around a cone and back again.

Next: to the tire slam. They had to hit a tractor tire 25 times with a heavy sledge hammer.

Hose reeling was after that. Challengers carried a fire hose across the course, then reeled it back in by hand at the other end.

But they weren’t done yet! The last task: they loaded a 40 pound reel of hose on their shoulder and race it up three flights of stairs! Once they get to the top, they rung a bell and time stopped.

“This is a tough challenge,” said Ottensman. “But, our fire fighters have to wear even more gear, over 80 pounds, in real life. And in our training, we have them go through even more agility tasks and they have to perform CPR at the end. We know they are exhausted, but in a real life emergency situation, they will need to push themselves harder than ever before and have a clear head to save someone’s life.”

Jeff Hess was the challenge winner. The challengers will go down to the top five after their May weigh in and their final challenge. The finale for the Super Fitness Champion is live on WTOL on May 14. Also, don’t miss the one hour Super Fitness Challenge special on May 25.