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CHALLENGE | Imagination Station Challenge

A battle of the Jeffs saw Jeff Hess come out on top during the obstacle course race, with a time of 1:39. Congrats to everyone who came out to sweat!

TOLEDO, Ohio — Kelly Heidbreder and the Super Fitness trainers set up a very tough obstacle course for this season's challengers at Imagination Station in downtown Toledo. 

Challengers start out with 15 shoulder presses, then run to the bench and do 15 squats. Next, they run to the piano and have to race across the keys to hit numbers 1-10. Then up two flights of those famous stairs at the Imagination Station! 

"The challengers are really winded at this point," says Heidbreder. "For many, this is their first real hustle for many years. So we have trainers run along with them. We want to push them harder than they would push themselves and do it safely."

About 75 challengers ran through their first challenge course. Winner, Jeff Hess was in the challenge last year and finished the course in 1:36. "The stairs were the toughest part," says Hess. "I need to get back into that shape again. That was a tough course straight out of the gate."

The top five finishers and their times were: 

  1. Jeff Hess, 1:39 (3 points)
  2. Jeff Streeter, 1:44 (2.75  points)
  3. Tasha Kim, 1:56 (2.5 points) 
  4. Orlando Cuevas, 1:58 (2.25 points) 
  5. Jeff Mentel, 2:05 (2 points)


The next challenge our SFWLC participants face will be the Christmas Case Race at the Alexis Road Super Fitness on Dec. 7.

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