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SFWC: Couples challengers

Three couples are participating in the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge.

TOLEDO (WTOL) - Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers have been trimming down since October. One of the biggest hurdles they face is getting support at home.

Three couples are participating in the challenge this year to support and motivate each other. They say the challenge is what they needed for inspiration.

Joseph and Beth Sanchez signed up together. Julie has lost over 20 pounds and Joe has lost over 80 since October.

“We get the whole family involved in a better way of thinking each day,” says Joe.

Their kids are cheering them on at each challenge.

Julie and Scott Hergert are also trimming down together.

“I changed our meal plans and he is in charge of our workout,” Julie said.

“We make sure we get to the gym at least four times a week, and we also make sure we workout at home in the evenings,” Scott said.

Phyllis and Randy Tompkins say they have been thinking about this challenge for a few years now.

“We decided last September that were going to do it,” said Randy.

The couple has been married for over 44 years and Phyllis says they keep their marriage strong by having shared interests.

“We also have a lot of fun together. I think you have to enjoy each other’s company and we are really having fun with this challenge,” said Phyllis.

The Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers will crown a champion in May.