TOLEDO (WTOL) - Over 100 Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers took to the stairs and tough obstacle course at the Imagination Station for their first challenge of the season.

Each athlete started on the lower level of the popular downtown Toledo children’s science museum. They then raced across the red line on the floor, pumped out 15 box squats, ran from end to end, hitting all of the buttons lighting up on the Whack a Light display, then jumped on the piano, hopping from end to end.

We’re at Imagination Station Toledo for the Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge first Challenge!!

Posted by WTOL NEWS 11 on Saturday, November 10, 2018

Then, we sent them up the first flight of stairs, had them run around the top floor, do 15 arm curls and presses above their head.

They dashed back down the steps, then pulled the rope, sending a tennis ball in the air to end their time.

Here are the top challengers and their times!

  1. Pat Peiffer, 2:11
  2. Gene Romanowski, 2:20
  3. Jeff Hess, 2:21
  4. Ellen DeVaughn, 2:26
  5. Tasha Kim, 2:30
  6. Jeff Streeter, 2:32
  7. Larry Large, 2:33
  8. Jenny Shaefer, 2:35
  9. Carrie Grindle, 2:42
  10. Sue Hagen, 2:43

And don't forget our WTOL team! Even though we can't take a prize, one of our own staffers. Tracie Dayton, won the challenge with a time of 2:09!

  1. Tracie Dayton 2:09
  2. Racquel Lorenzen 2:31
  3. Victoria Dugger 2:37
  4. Brian Lorenzen 2:42
  5. Sabrina Haskell 3:02

Check out the full list of finishers, time and extra credit points below.