TOLEDO (WTOL) - Our Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers are trimming down! Some have lost more than 40 pounds since October.

We had them burning lots of calories this month, and this challenge had them working everything from head to toe.

About 100 challengers made it to their first mandatory challenge at Super Fitness North.

Here’s how the challenge shaped up.

Challengers start out by pushing a weighted tank down and back, one time through the course. This gets their heart rate up right away and gets their legs into gear.

Next, they lift a heavy ball above their head and slam it down 20 times. By now, they can feel it in their back, upper body and legs.

Then, the trainers hand them five pencils. Each counts one lap around the gym to run a half mile. Once they are done, time stops.

Here are the results:

Winner: Jeff Hess 4:41

2nd: Pat Peiffer 4:42

3rd: Tasha Kim 4:49

4th: Jeff Streeter 4:51

Way to go, Challengers! They also tackled their first mandatory weigh in.

Next month: Skyzone!