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SFWC Challenger Spotlight: Carrie Grindle

Last year's champ, Carrie Grindle lost almost 78 pounds from October to May. That’s over 35% of her body weight!

TOLEDO, Ohio — Our Super Fitness Challengers have had quite a journey this year. 

Even though their group challenges and workouts were cut short for a few months, they are all very inspiring. Now, we shine a final spotlight for this season on last year's champion.

Super Fitness Weight Loss Challenge Host Kelly Heidbreder said that she's always proud of each of her challengers when they give their best effort. Last season’s champ, Carrie Grindle is one of those challengers. She has shown everyone that she is fearless and strong.

Carrie Grindle has been carrying this trophy for the past year and she really deserved it! She lost almost 78 pounds from October to May last year. That’s over 35o% of her body weight! She just oozes tenacity. Kelly said Carrie pushes herself harder than anyone she knows. 

As a matter of fact, the challenge hadn’t had a champ in four years, so Kelly said it was great to see her lead the pack last year. 

"We will always be proud of you, Carrie!  Let’s get out there and beat that quarantine 15," Kelly said.

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