TOLEDO, Ohio — The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department is working to open a reproductive health clinic in Toledo, according to spokesperson Shannon Lands.

Lands says the facility will be available to help people in our community get access to birth control, HIV testing, pregnancy counseling, cancer screenings and other services.

The new clinic will open inside the health department's building at 635 N. Erie St. in downtown Toledo. Lands tells WTOL 11 it could open as early as April 1. The department will hold an open house for anyone in the public to preview the facility before it officially opens.

"If we can start changing those behaviors and putting them in a better place to become adults, healthy adults, we can really start radically changing our community's health. But we've got to start. And this isn't a one year, five year; I mean we're talking ten years down the road if we start today to see a large change," Lucas County Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski said.

The health department is using grant money to pay for the new clinic. It will host a nurse practitioner and other health department employees. The Ohio Department will regulate the clinic.

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