AKRON, Ohio — A lot can be learned from Marie Kondo, the de-cluttering guru, who says to keep what brings you joy and get rid of the rest.

Little did Christine Sicker expect that when she followed that advice, her joy would come from an old business card.

“It has brought us complete joy,” she said.

The card belonged to Connie Teal, a nurse at Akron Children’s, who was there in 2002 when Christine Sicker’s son was born at just 24 weeks. He weighed 1 pound, 11 ounces.

“I’m thinking ‘She’s got to know, they have to know, that my son is doing well,’” Sicker said.

Today, her son Will is 16-years-old and thriving on his basketball team in a suburb of Houston.

Without Kondo or that business card, his mom might have never reached out to Teal this year.

On Monday, the family connected face-to-face.

“That made me feel really good,” Teal said, “That despite all the stress that they went through, they still remember this as a positive experience for their family.”

“It takes something like finding a business card to kind of bring it all back to where Will started,” his father Mike said.

Sometimes tidying is not just about folding, but rather, finding time to say “thanks.”