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West Toledo childcare center taking its time returning to full-capacity

Kynard's Child Development Center says taking on less children allows them to better keep the children they do care for safe.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Governor Mike DeWine says daycares across Ohio will be allowed to operate at full capacity as soon as next weekend, but for Kynard's Child Development Center in west Toledo, there's no rush. 

Kynard's had to close their doors completely back in March as a result of the governor's shutdown order to contain the spread of coronavirus, but reopened at partial capacity on June 1 when businesses began to reopen. 

Owner and operator Stephanie Kynard says taking on less children means the center is able to use rigorous safety measures to keep COVID-19 out of their building. 

“Our screening process is pretty rigorous," said Kynard. "We do take the children’s temperature upon arrival. We also take them right in so that they can have their hands washed. Actually we wash any skin that is exposed. If their arms are exposed or their legs are expose, we wash them right away upon arrival."

Kynard's Child Development Center won't be switching to full capacity even though they will be allowed to; at least not right away.

Kynard says there's is concern for her employees' mental health, as her employees have had to adjust to the rigors of a typical day during a pandemic. 

“Constant hand washing which we do anyway, but that has magnified," she said. The employees are taking children into a restroom to wash their hands constantly when they aren't using the sink in a classroom.  

The flexibility to not open at full capacity goes back to the Cares Act passed by Congress earlier this year. That has allowed the center to hire more employees and to buy much need supplies. 

“We purchased more equipment, more toys so that the children can have more. So they’re not sharing as much," said Kynard.

In a time of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, Kynard's Child Development Center has a plan, even if they're starting small. 

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