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Thinking about skipping your 2nd dose? Why doctors say it's important to get the second shot

The CDC reports nearly 8% of those who have received their first dose of the two-shot COVID-19 vaccines haven't returned to get the second.

TOLEDO, Ohio — We've been hearing it since the COVID-19 vaccine first came out.

If we're getting Moderna or Pfizer, we have to get a second dose. But why do we have to go back to get another needle poked into our arm?

"There's no information that allows us to say that taking one dose instead of two is effective," said chief medical officer at Mercy Health, Dr. James Tita.

The CDC is reporting that nearly 8% of those who have received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine hadn't returned to get the second shot. Many report they're afraid of the side effects.

Tita said the side effects are no worse for the second dose than they were for the first. "I would say that the majority of patients that get either dose, that most of them have either very mild or no symptoms at all. "

Dr. Joel Kammeyer with ProMedica Toledo Hospital says we do hear about people who are having more severe side effects but really, "Those pass within a day or two. It's almost always the case that if a patient feels sick, they're better within 24 hours."

Both doctors highly recommend you get your second dose and say that it's never too late.

Also, don't forget there are several walk in clinics who are wide open right now! 

Experts urge you to get the same vaccine as you did the first time.