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School leaders encouraging students aged 5-11 to get vaccinated against COVID-19

To help make it easier on parents and students, many districts are even holding vaccine clinics.

OTTAWA HILLS, Ohio — After receiving the go-ahead from the CDC, kids ages 5 to 11 can get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Local school districts are calling it a big win.

In a push to get this new group of students vaccinated and as soon as possible, school districts like Ottawa Hills are holding vaccine clinics starting next week.

"It's just really the next step towards getting back to normal as much as possible for our kids," said Ottawa Hills Local Schools Superintendent Adam Fineske.

He adds, the district already has a plan set in place to encourage students to get vaccinated.

"We've been working with the Toledo Lucas County Health Department and we have two clinics that are coming up this Monday and Tuesday. We're actually one of the first clinics in the area," Fineske said.

He said the CDC's go-ahead is a huge step in the right direction, "What we're trying to do now is promote to our families that this is safe and we want you to take advantage of this opportunity."

For parents who are hesitant because they're worried about long-term side effects from the vaccine, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Chief of Staff Dr. Patty Manning-Courtney said you should really be more concerned about the risk of COVID-19.

"Even mild COVID-19 in a child has the risk of long-term side effects. The vaccine does not. The vaccine will prevent that risk from long-term side effects from COVID-19," Fineske said.

The health experts with the Ohio Department of Health want parents to know they would not recommend anything they wouldn't do for themselves or their kids.

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