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Vaccine could improve symptoms for COVID-19 long haulers

A survey done by Survivor Corps says 40% of those with lingering symptoms of COVID-19 saw improvement following vaccination.

COVID-19 long haulers who have suffered from the virus for months, some now for more than a year, may benefit from receiving a vaccine, according to a survey from Survivor Corps.

Survivor Corps is one of the largest grassroot organizations helping to gather research data on COVID-19, with thousands of followers on social media relaying personal stories and symptoms.

Long haulers experience reoccurring symptoms, such as fever and chills, shortness of breath and joint pain following an extended battle with COVID-19, according to Dr. Anup Kanodia, a family medicine practitioner at OhioHealth and a Clinical Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University. He also founded KanodiaMD.

“The immune system is not strong enough to fight it off. So, there is an underlying infection,” said Dr. Kanodia. “The vaccine then boosts up the immune system enough to fully kill off the COVID-19 once and for all.”

Kanodia says many long haulers have avoided taking the vaccine out of fear it would make their symptoms worse. He says what initial observations are finding is quite the opposite.

“Some long-haulers are developing auto-antibodies or an auto-immune illness and the vaccine balances out the immune system to get back to normal,” said Kanodia.

As of right now this information is based on the experiences of patients, and still needs to be researched completely.