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Toledo police: Do NOT call 911 to report suspected social distancing violations at bars and restaurants

Toledo police say the health department should be contacted at 419-213-4161, ext. 4, if you see a potential violation of social distancing at businesses.

TOLEDO, Ohio — People are tying up 911 emergency lines, Toledo police say, when trying to report possible violations of the state social distancing guidelines for businesses, and TPD wants people to direct concerns instead to the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department. 

"If you have a concern about people not social distancing at bars and restaurants, please call the Lucas County Health Department at 419-213-4161 extension 4," a tweet from TPD read Tuesday morning. 

"We are posting this because people are tying up the 911 lines to report others who are not socially distancing. Our goal is to provide the appropriate number for people to call instead of them calling 911," TPD said. 


The Ohio health director's order that permits bars and restaurants to reopen says social distancing guidelines must be maintained in order for the businesses to remain in operation. Among those guidelines that Gov. Mike DeWine cited Monday when he chided bar and restaurants that reportedly were overcrowded over the weekend was a section that says, "Customers must be seated when consuming food, beer, wine and liquor on the premises of the business."  

The entire order can be read here: 

On Monday, DeWine said establishments that don't follow the rules could face having their liquor licenses revoked or other legal action. The governor has decided to gather law enforcement officers from across the state into the Ohio Department of Public Safety's Investigative Unit. 

These officers will perform compliance checks on crowded bars and restaurants and have the ability to issue administrative citations, which could result in the businesses having their liquor licenses revoked. 

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