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Great Scott! How Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine referenced 'Back to the Future' in battle against coronavirus

Push the peddle to 88 mph!

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine turned to pop culture for a moment when discussing the ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve talked about being a fan of the Back to the Future movies, which kind of dates me, I guess, but they’re still fun to watch,” DeWine said during Thursday’s press conference. “The point is there’s alternative futures. There always are. It’s which pathway we take, what we do. Having the best information so that Ohioans can make those decisions is what we owe to the public.”

His Back to the Future reference came when discussing how the decisions Ohioans make today will impact the weeks ahead amid coronavirus.

“We should not fear,” DeWine said. “We should not live our lives in fear. What we should be is what Ohioans have always been, and that is optimistic about the future. We have been a people who have felt that we can control our destiny. We can control the future. What we do in the next 30 days is going to determine if we’re going to be able to do all the things that we want to do.”

Watch his full press conference from Thursday, July 9 in the player below:

And if you're feeling like some '80s nostalgia, here's a peek back at the iconic Back to the Future trailer:


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