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Maumee Bay Brewing Co. stirring up free hand sanitizer

It's difficult to find hand sanitizer at the store these days. Maumee Bay Brewing saw that as a challenge and an obligation.

TOLEDO, Ohio — You've likely seen the grocery store shelves, many of them completely out of cleaning supplies like wipes and hand sanitizer.

Some businesses around town are seeing that as a challenge.

One local brewery is now dishing out 12 oz. of modern-day liquid gold at no charge to you.

At Maumee Bay Brewing Company, employees are used to brewing up beer for their customers. But drastic times call for measures that, conveniently, fit right into the brewery's wheelhouse.

"We do it all by hand where the bottle of beer is done in a high-speed machine across the street," VP of Business Development Jonn Appold said. "So yeah, there's a big difference. There's a big difference."

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This isn't the type of work Appold and company are used to but like so many, they're rising to the occasion.

"The idea was online," he said. "A lot of distilleries around the country are doing this. They're making hand sanitizer using oil mixed with 80% spirits."

It takes high-proof alcohol to make effective sanitizer, so it isn't easy to make in your kitchen. Maumee Bay took that into consideration.

"Some people are selling it. We're giving ours away for as long as we can," he said.

"People are apprehensive, people are nervous and people are uneasy, and we just thought we're in a position where we could do it, so we wanted to try and help out as much as we could."

As of Tuesday, Appold estimated he was approaching 100 bottles with plenty more to go.

Anyone in need is invited out to the restaurant in Toledo's Warehouse District to pick up a bottle for free or to refill one of their own.

Take some hand sanitizer, leave some kindness. After all, what goes around comes around.

Credit: WTOL

"We just want to be part of the community," Appold said. "We're all in it together and just want to make sure that people know that we're here and don't forget about us in this time, but maybe remember us as time goes on."

A bottle of sanitizer and a helping hand: two ingredients in high demand.