WALLINGFORD, Conn. — Mark Brennan's mother, Annmarie, is cared for by the team at Masonicare in Wallingford. Since the Covid-19 crisis, Brennan hasn't been able to visit his mom face to face. So Brennan, a sales rep, and father of three, now brings a giant sign and meets his mother below a balcony at Masonicare's second floor. 

"I miss giving her a hug and kiss," Brennan said, "so you think outside the box like everyone else is doing and this is thinking outside the box." 

From a simple sign that is painted on cardboard that says "Miss U" and "Love You", Brennan says his mother, who is battling dementia, gets the message. "I'm going to do this each weekend, I'll make a different sign and we'll make her smile."

 Ann Collette, the VP of strategy at Masonicare said, "it's unprecedented times but what you're seeing is unprecedented hope and we're seeing people come together in ways we've not seen before."