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'My wife had it, and I pray to God that she doesn't get it again' | COVID-19 runs rampant across Williams County

Health officials are pleading for help, as they say the county's low vaccination rate is driving up cases.

Brian Dugger

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Published: 5:16 PM EST December 3, 2021
Updated: 6:28 PM EST December 3, 2021

A drive through rural Williams County reveals empty farm fields, long-ago harvested for the fall.

There are "Save Our Water" signs dotting some yards, a call to action in a fight against an aquifer project.

American flags flap in the stiff northwest Ohio breeze; some of the poles still fly "Trump....Keep America Great" flags. On one pole, a "Let's Go Brandon" banner stretches out in the wind, a political statement aimed at President Joe Biden.

This is squarely Republican country. Former President Donald Trump won 72% of the vote in 2020 in Williams County. Some residents will tell you their land is in the heartland of America.

Numbers tell you that the region is the heartland of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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