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Head count at Toledo Public Schools

Full seats are the name of the game during Ohio's student count week.

TOLEDO -- Attendance to football practice was perfect tonight, and this week the district is pushing for perfect attendance in the classroom. That's what student count week is all about.

The more kids who show up for class, the more money the district will get for its general fund. Full seats are the name of the game during Ohio's student count week. Anthony Bronaugh said, "We're trying get a 95% or higher attendance rate for the entire week. "

A Toledo public schools spokesperson says the past counts have not been kind to Toledo Public Schools. Over the past two years, enrollment has dropped by 2100 kids. For every student that is lost, more than $3300 goes too.

That's why TPS is pulling out all of the stops to fill classrooms. At Sherman Elementary, that means incentives. From dress-down passes to a bicycle raffle and even the promise of a party next week.

While the kids may like the prizes, principal Anthony Bronaugh is using this tactic to educate parents as well saying, "We're having parental nights to make sure parents are coming in and understanding the importance of attendance and how attendance will reflect on their academic achievement."

But some parents worry this week's efforts may not be enough to bring more money into these classrooms. Leslyn Moore-Ortiz said, "Things are going to go on, but if they don't funnel some money into it, a lot of our programs are going to get cut. We have two music teachers, maybe two art teachers, and we need more."

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