TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - They say it's a way of forging peace.

People gathered at the University Church on Saturday to turn guns into garden tools.

A group of blacksmiths out of Colorado Springs, Colorado came here who called themselves RawTools Inc.

They travel the country collecting guns and forging them into tools that can be used to grow food and nourish a community.

Members of RAWTools Inc. hope this will encourage people to find new ways to resolve conflicts.

"Yes, this is an anti-gun violence event. Really a pro-figuring it out, how to work with our neighbors, friends and enemies without having to come toward a violent end," said blacksmith Mike Martin.

The event is intended to spark several conversations.

First, increasing information about gun laws in Toledo and Ohio.

Second, what to do about the problem of gun violence.

"You know, I think a lot of times when we talk about gun violence and issues of guns in our country a conversation can break down. We wanted to start a new conversation to get information to people," said event organizer Sam Meldin.

The new tools will be used to raise produce in the University Church's community garden.

Thirty thousand pounds of food is distributed annually to families in need according to garden director Scott Delaney.

"We happened to be the garden in town that was selected and we're excited to have this creative way of thinking and doing our part by turning swords into plowshares so to speak," said Delaney.