(WTOL) - The extreme heat came just in time for the start of a summer camp for local Girl Scouts.

More than 250 Girl Scouts were playing games, making crafts and learning about environmental conservation on Monday.
On the surface, they certainly didn't act like the heat was bearing down, but with a heat index of 103 degrees, 10-year-old Grace Cassidy described the weather like this: "It's miserable."
The girls were taking it in stride, making sure to hydrate.

"Drinking lots of water," is how Teaghan Visser, 9, said she was dealing with the heat.

Grace said she was "drinking lots of water, staying in the shade."
It is summer camp after all, so the Girl Scouts were prepared for hot weather.

"We provided five-gallon Igloo jugs to all of the units. We filled them with ice this morning and then again this afternoon," said Bonne Herrmann with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. "We have informed all of the leaders that they need to make sure before and after every activity that the girls are drinking."
All of the campers had bandannas they could dip in water and put around their head and neck.

There were also tents set up for every unit to provide shade and two nurses on staff in case kids weren't feeling well.

"We are pretty ready for this. We're glad the weather is going to break, though," Herrmann said.

Then the girls can focus on what summer camp is really all about.

"Make new friends. Gain some independence," Herrmann said.