TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Tony Packo himself surprised a woman on her birthday, who worked as a waitress at Packos' for 23 years! And the dinner was extra special for her.

Jackie worked at Tony Packo's for two decades. She had many customers who knew her by name as she served generations of customers the diner's internationally famous hot dogs.

Jackie is now a patient at Heartland Hospice Care. But her wish was to have one last meal at the place she loves.

The nurses, along with Tony Packo himself, helped host a surprise birthday dinner at Packo's Monday night.

"People would come in and say 'I want Jackie to wait on me.' She developed such a relationship with our customers," Packo said. "That's the reason Packo's has been here for 85 years, people like her."

Jackie said the dinner brought back several memories. Her only regret is she could not get up and wait a few tables herself.

"I couldn't wait to come to work, that's how much I loved it. I had so much fun here and met an awful lot of people. I want to come back to work," Jackie said with a laugh.

Tony Packo says he considers Jackie part of the family.