Former NorthTowne Mall demolition under way

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Demolition of the former NorthTowne Square Mall is now under way.

City officials anticipate the work will take three months to complete, with hopes of speeding up redevelopment plans for the property located near Alexis and Telegraph.

The city took control of the property from the previous owner who was late on taxes and public utility bills.

Money for the demolition is coming from a revolving EPA loan fund, which the city expects to get back when the property is sold. The Super Fitness facility is not affected by the former mall's demolition.

Councilman Rob Ludeman says the city will be aggressive to find a new owner and employer for the land.

"With the city, we can reach out to commercial realtors and developers in our area, and hopefully get that property reoccupied in a good use. It is zoned industrial, so there's a lot of good possibilities there," explained Ludeman.

Ludeman believes the former Southwyck Mall property would already be redeveloped if the city had control of that property.

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