Florida identity thieves continue crime spree in Ohio
Two women were identified when they attempted to cash a stolen check.

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) – A group of Florida identity thieves has made their way to Ohio and is stealing from women in several cities as part of a crime spree.

The group, known as the Felony Lane Gang, has been known to break into vehicles and steal women's identities by stealing credit cards, identification and checks. Police said the gang is made up of professional thieves.

"They are professionals at getting into cars, and they can into even an unlocked vehicle in just a matter of seconds," said Toledo Police Sergeant Joe Hefferman. "This particular group has a system down. They've been doing it for a long time, and they've been getting a lot of money doing it."

With stolen cards and checks, the women recruit a local that looks like the victim and sends them through the fast lane at the bank with a check to withdraw the money.

"They call it the Felony Lane Gang because a lot of times they'll go in that last lane at the bank drive-through…because it's the furthest away from the teller," Hefferman said. "A lot of times it's hard for the teller to make a positive ID."

Police arrested two women connected to the gang when they tried to cash a check stolen from a Perrysburg woman last month. The woman notified the Huntington Bank branch on Heatherdowns that she had been a victim and a teller recognized the thieves immediately. Police do not know at this time how many other people may be involved in the crime ring.