TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A huge fire spread to three homes, causing one to explode, in north Toledo early Monday morning.

The fire happened on Champlain near Ash around 2 a.m.

One house exploded, leveling the house instantly.

"I was laying in bed watching TV and I heard a big bang and the bed shook. I jumped up to see if someone hit my truck. I looked out the back window and saw all of the smoke and flames," said neighbor Bill Braden.

The blaze spread quickly to two neighboring houses, one of which was occupied.

The woman who lives there safely got out with there two puppies, and was upset as she stood by watching her house go up in flames.

Neighbors say the house that caught fire was a known drug house, which had been raided numerous times including last week.

"All of these houses are vacant because of that drug house. That house, the house next to it and the house next to that. Vandalized, aluminum siding stripped off, nobody cares," said neighbor John Amonette. "They terrorize the neighborhood. The traffic on the street looked like a McDonald's drive-thru every day."

Neighbors say the people who live there moved out just yesterday.

Two firefighters were taken to St. Vincent to be evaluated for non-life threatening injuries.

The Red Cross is assisting the woman who lost her home in the fire.