TOLEDO (WTOL) - You usually go to Promenade Park in the summertime for concerts.

But this weekend, crowds are being attracted by Promedica’s Fire + Ice Festival. There’s ice sculptures and more at this family-friendly event intended to be a midwinter celebration along the riverfront.

The centerpiece of the festival is a huge fire breathing dragon from Toronto called Heavy Meta. It’s a bus covered in steel assembled by carpenters, welders, engineers and diesel mechanics.

They worked seventy hours a week for four months to finish the propane powered monster.

“And we go to events like this, big programming events, family friendly stuff, music festivals and events of our own creation in Toronto,” said Kevin Bracken.

Then there’s Mr. Wilde’s World of Wonder. He’s a fire eater. Mr. Wilde says fire tastes like poison.

“It’s entertaining and I’m trained to do this properly. Don’t try this at home or anywhere else," he advised.

It’s important not to catch yourself on fire, says Mr. Wilde, although it has happened. That’s why a wet towel and fire extinguisher is always nearby.

“It’s more of the illusion of danger.”

Fire and Ice runs Saturday from noon until 9 p.m. followed by fireworks.

There’s also ice skating, face painting, magicians, a soup cook-off with downtown restaurants, crafts, a zip line, mobile escape room, entertainment and a beer tent.