Findlay tax renewal levy fails, cuts likely

The City of Findlay's renewal of a quarter percent income tax was defeated by 822 votes at the polls Tuesday. This mean six million dollars in cuts may come along with it.

"This will be devastating. It will be devastating. That was my quote, and that's what it will be for Findlay," said Randy Ward, Findlay City Council.

Councilman Ward was surprised the income tax levy failed since it was a renewal, not new money for taxpayers to give up.

Nothing has been discussed yet but recreation, street clearing, and other basic city services could be drastically reduced.

Mayor Lydia Mihalik has said 23 firefighters could be laid off and Ward said at least one fire station, possibly number four on the east side, could be closed.

"There is probably no one, no department or no city employee that is beyond being considered for as possible cuts," said Ward.

The mayor and councilman said everything is "on the table" and that has residents concerned.

"Yeah that makes it a safety issue. It's not as many people out there to protect everyone," said Tonya Hinke who voted in favor of the renewal.

"It's hard times for everyone. Everyone needs extra money to have and there might be some people who just weren't thinking about the consequences of it," said Hinke.

Councilman Ward said meetings among the mayor's staff and council must begin as early as next week to focus on specific cuts. Cuts could be made within a few weeks.