Some of the final data is being gathered for the official summer algae bloom forecast.

That information is expected to be released next month.

We continue to monitor, not only our weather, but how that impacts Lake Erie and the potential algae bloom.

One of the final forecasts was just issued, but it does not show much of a change.

We're still expecting a bloom comparable, if not a little bit smaller, than last year's.

Last year's was a pretty expansive one, although toxicity was relatively low.

This year, bloom is starting to show up, as we expected, on Sandusky Bay first.

This is a different kind of blue-green algae and it's one of the first that usually develops.

The Sandusky Bay has been flushed and some of this algae did make it out into the lake, although it is not expected to last long.

If you're wondering about the Maumee Bay area, there has been some algae detected further to the west, the first of the season.

This is very normal for late June, however, and is what scientists would expect.

The official NOAA forecast should be available mid-July, and we are still a month or so away from when the bloom really starts to take hold.

We will continue to keep you updated.