Fans show support for Hens and Tigers at exhibition game

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The fans were pumped up for Wednesday's exhibition game. Some even found it tough deciding whether to root for the Hens or the Tigers. Either way, thousands many showed their baseball spirit.

Michelle Cousino came through the gates Wednesday morning pumped to see the Tigers take on the Mud Hens. Even though she is from Toledo, she said it was not hard deciding on which team she would support.

"Not at all. We like both, but we like the Tigers. We've liked the Tigers for a long time," said Cousino.

So much so, Cousino dyed Caden Staggs and his friend Reece Brill's hair orange and blue.

"I'm just excited to watch them play and I just want them to hit a home run and someone catches it," said Brill.

Steve Richsteiner caught a fly ball during batting practice. He went to the stadium with his son, Tyler, to cheer on both teams.

"This is a great time down here. We come down to Mud Hens quite a bit and this is a nice event with the Tigers," said Richsteiner.

There were many father-son moments Wednesday.

James Schaller enjoyed the game with his two-year-old son, James.

"He's very excited. He's only two years old and he's already a baseball fanatic," said Schaller.

Around 12,000 fans are expected to attend the annual opening day game on Friday.

While some could not find last-minute tickets, they were just happy to have the boys of summer back.