TOLEDO (WTOL) - There are more motorcycles on the road now that the weather is warmer and the the first two accidents of the season involving riders have already been reported.

The first one happened on Sunday when a man driving a motorcycle died when his wheel got detached from his bike in Wood County. On Monday, a rider was killed after he drove off the road and fell from his tri-motorcycle in Fremont.

Now, an expert on motorcycle safety is urging drivers to be careful.

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There a few things drivers on a bike or other vehicles can do to keep riders safe.

“Today we have over 550,000 registered motorcycles,” the Chairman of the Board for ABATE of Ohio, Mike Stock, said.

But not all riders are as educated as they should be about motorcycle safety.

If he’s never taken a safety course, to go take a day, some courses are a day, some are three days. Go take the course, learn some techniques that can save you out on the road,” Stock said.

He said bikers need to drive defensively and slow down. According to him, it’s important for riders to be aware of not just other vehicles on the road, but the road itself. “Between potholes, these grooves going down the roads, we need to make sure our single wheel can make it through that stuff,” Stock said.

For other drivers, Stock stresses to get rid of distractions. Since motorcycles are much smaller than other vehicles, Stock said it’s easy to lose sight of them, so he asks others to be diligent about looking for bikes.

“Blind spots are all over your car and you need to make sure you check them either with a head movement or all your mirrors, before you change lanes,” Stock said.

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