Expert lays out reasons behind McDonald's meltdown

By Jonathan Walsh - bio | email

Posted by Dave Dykema - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - An expert says the behavior that led a woman to trash a Toledo McDonald's when she didn't get Chicken McNuggets is more common within us all than we might think.

A second example of ballistic behavior in fast food land is a Missouri woman who didn't like her McDonald's hamburger and demanded a refund. When she didn't get it, the woman threw a bucket of water over the counter, along with a basket of straws, cookies, a sign and even three of the registers.

"In her mind what she believes is what she's doing is reasonable," said Darren Love, Licensed Professional Counselor.

Love works with many criminal cases in Lucas County. He says this is not uncommon behavior because some people believe that others must give them respect.

"The word 'must' is what triggers this outburst. That it must be respected...that I must get what I want or what I think I deserve."

Love says when we see these kinds of behavior we want to quickly say "I'm not like that."

However, he says after talking to people who do this type of thing, those individuals also agree that they wouldn't do that.

"So none of us are completely immune," he concludes, "from losing control or snapping.'

Love says many times there are external factors leading to wanton destruction, so people need to change that must word into "I would like" and pause a moment to think.

"I then can take a breath and that moment of breath allows us to have just enough processing... about what my next option is," said Love.

He says just that quick moment can save you from crossing the line because unfortunately in our world right now we are seeing more inappropriate, rude, and coarse behavior.