PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - It's warming up. The sun is out, and you're likely breaking out the sunscreen for days at the park and pool.

"I'll just chase them until it's done," described parents Kassy Martinez about putting sunscreen on her kids.

"Of course there's some bribery. 'Do you want to go to the pool?'"Professional Nanny,  Jennifer Kieswether added.

Let's face it, getting sunscreen on your kids can be a tall order, but a necessary one. "They have precious skin," says Martinez.

You should know, not all sunscreen is created equal. The Environmental Working Group just released its yearly sunscreen guide, to help you choose a safer sunscreen.

It can be overwhelming making the right choices for your family.

"It's getting scary now because they're changing everything," said Kieswether.

"We do have several children, so I tend to be cost sensitive about what we buy. I look for it on sale. I often get it at the end of the season before." said Perrysburg parent, Kali Sawaya.

"I burn super easily. So I have to put like 100 SPF," said Perrysburg parent, Annie Terry.

The EWG said high SPF's are a common misconception, saying products tempt people to apply too little sunscreen and stay in the sun too long. The organization says to stay under 50 SPF.

The EWG also advises against aerosols for the time being because there's not enough data to support they're thick enough to provide enough protection.

You can find the full EWG report, which includes a break down of many sunscreens on the market and whether they are recommended for use, here.

Another warning from the EWG is an ingredient in many sunscreens. It's called Oxybenzone and it's an allergen and a hormone disruptor that soaks through skin and is measured in the body of nearly every American.

The EWG SAID instead, sunscreens using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are better alternatives. Remember, no sunscreen can completely protect you from skin cancer, so limit your exposure.