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‘Mean Girls’ inspired wine created by Aaron Samuels is a thing - mark this down in the Burn Book as “so fetch”

"You can't sip with us!" JK, you can.

(WTOL) - Your love for Mean Girls will probably never go out of style, just like how wearing pink on Wednesdays will always be a thing.

But what if we told you that you could enjoy the 2004 high school comedy with wine inspired by the movie, making the viewing experience that much more enjoyable?

We have Aaron Samuels, played by Rossford native Jonathan Bennett to thank for that.

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Because of the love interest of both Cady Heron and Regina George, not only will the day October 3 live in infamy, but so will some of the movie’s most iconic moments on the bottles of wine.

Bennett collaborated with Nocking Point Wines to create Wednesday Rosé and I’m a Red...Duh!

The rosé of course is inspired by one of the many rules set forth by the Mean Girls (“On Wednesdays we wear pink!” - Karen Smith), while the red wine is modeled after Karen’s Halloween costume (“I’m a mouse...duh!”).

According to Nocking Point Wines website, Bennett released these two soon-to-be iconic wines in celebration of the 15th year anniversary of the cult classic.

You CAN sip with us! Get your bottles here.