Ellyn Fritz
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Ellyn is a native to the Midwest, born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. Growing up in this area of ever changing weather, she has experienced everything from hot and humid summers to blistering, snow covered winters.

She joins WTOL from her alma mater Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana where she received a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology. During her time there, she worked for the Meteorology and Climatology Laboratory and for their school television station NewsLink Indiana.

A fear of severe weather is what started Ellyn down the path to Meteorology. A flash of lightning was all it took to have her running for cover, but she decided to turn that fear into fascination starting in high school. There she took classes about the weather, worked in her school radio and TV stations and reached out to local Meteorologist to learn all she could about the weather. This fascination turned into a passion that leads her here to forecast Northwest Ohio and South East Michigan weather.