FOSTORIA (WTOL) - Elected officials are beginning to speak out in the ongoing trouble with Fostoria’s Sunny Farm Landfill.

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Not only have multiple municipalities around the landfill taken a stance against the landfills license being renewed.

Now, a state representative has formally contacted the Ohio EPA, asking for more to be done.

According to our media partner The Findlay Courier, Fostoria city council voted to oppose the renewal of the Sunny Farm Landfill.

Fostoria does not legally have a say in the operations of the landfill, but council members say the landfill hasn't done enough to eliminate the foul odor.Jackson Township in Seneca County has also voted to opose the renewal of the landfill license.

Along with this, State Representative Bill Reineke wrote a letter to Ohio EPA director.

In the letter, Reineke said the initial sanctions are a good first step, but a more solid timeline needs to be established so community members can know that the landfill is truly being held accountable by the state.

Reineke said the odor problem has not been taken seriously enough by people who are not from the community.

“We believe it is absolutely critical that an understanding between parties be reached immediately and with transparency as to how the deadlines will be met and dealt with, in order to ensure the safety and health of the community. The repugnant, prevailing bad-egg smell and corresponding health effects are real. We demand that these issues be addressed with urgency,” said Reineke.

Community leaders are also urging residents to attend the next Seneca County Health District meeting on February 28.

Our 11 Investigates team will have much more on this landfill, Thursday in our special report 'Dumping Ground.'

The two-part investigation will air at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Thursday, on WTOL 11.