TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo Public Schools is trying something new this year to give students exposure to different career paths.

Lakaela Vanwhy is an 8th grader at Birmingham Elementary School. She was happy to have the experience Tuesday.

“I think it’s a good start for 8th graders and how they’re going to like have an opportunity to know what they want to do when they grow up," she said.

Tuesday and Wednesday,TPS students are visiting the SeaGate Centre for a new 2019 initiative to focus on the future.

The TPS mission is to produce college and career-ready graduates.

Most of those in attendance are 8th graders getting ready to choose their high schools. Some high school seniors are also here to look around and help guide younger students.

“Ultimately, when they go to get into high school from our elementary, that they ultimately go right into the programs, right into internships, right into jobs, and that’s the best way that we see is if we educate you here to want to get a job here, to more importantly live here, and that’s revitalization itself," Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, Dr. Romules Durant said.

The Career Technology pathway program TPS has for its students, often begins when they enter high school or are figuring out which school may be the best fit for them.

In the short term, administrators hope to help guide students on their immediate paths and to look forward to expand their horizons and get them asking questions.

Representatives are there from many of the trades that students can begin right after high school, to universities, law enforcement and more education-based training.

Some students like Rebecca Hovey, 8th grader at Garfield Elementary School like the idea of the armed forces structure.

“Well, the job I came looking for here, I’ve always wanted to be an FBI Agent, and like the Army and stuff, that’s like really cool, and the FBI, I’ve been waiting to see them, and the police," Hovey said.

While others like 8th grader, Iyanna Mclane, have ideas for a different path.

“I want to be a vet when I get older with dogs and stuff, yeah a veterinarian. Not for like the Army or any stuff like that," she said.

This event is in its first year, and TPS is looking to the future to include limitless options for their students moving forward.