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Sylvania Schools leaders urge families to enroll kindergarteners sooner, rather than later

School leaders say waiting too long to enroll your kindergarten student makes it harder for teachers to know what they need for the new year.

SYLVANIA, Ohio — Families of little ones, listen up!

If your kid is going into kindergarten for the upcoming school year, some local school leaders are urging you to get them signed up now.

Kindergarten registration at Sylvania Schools has been open since the beginning of the year and elementary school principals have a message for those parents getting ready to put their kids in school for the first time.

Get them enrolled sooner, rather than later.

"I know sometimes families want to wait until August, but really, the sooner you can do it the better. Because we can start preparing our lists, we can start getting those conversations with the families and teachers so that we're ready to go," said Jeremy Bauer, Stranahan Elementary principal.

Kindergarten's a big milestone for parents and their kiddos. But waiting too long to enroll them makes it harder for teachers to know what they need for the new year.

Highland Elementary's Principal, Steve Swaggerty, says the more accurate enrollment numbers are, the easier it is to know staffing and class sizes.

If not, changes may have to be made.

"It causes some uncertainty, then you have to shuffle staff at the last minute. Right now, we've got a really solid kindergarten crew. They're experienced and well-trained and we'd love to leave them in place," Swaggerty said.

Some schools in the district also have assessment tests and early enrollment will help prepare them for that.

"It's just to see where they're at with their letters, with their sounds. So that piece does help but we don't want to overload the kids and the parents," Bauer said.

Both principals say getting your kid enrolled also helps them feel ready and prepare for the upcoming changes.

If you are enrolling your child in the Sylvania Schools district, you can do it here.

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