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Rossford Schools board votes to continue mask requirement for students, staff

The Rossford Schools Board of Education voted to continue the mask requirement as a "best practice for safety." The ODH's new quarantine guidance will be followed.

ROSSFORD, Ohio — Editor's note: The above video aired Oct. 26, 2021.

The Rossford Schools Board of Education voted Wednesday to continue its mask requirement for students and staff.

In a letter sent to families, Rossford Schools cites the vote to stay with the mask requirement was made as to the best practice for safety in school buildings for students and staff. 

The board voted to adhere to the new quarantine guidance issued by the Ohio Department of Health referred to as "Mask to Stay." Students exposed to COVID-19 in the classroom will be allowed to remain in the classroom as long as they have no symptoms.

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Mask to Stay (from ODH release):

Direct contacts in a school environment, regardless of vaccination or masking status, may remain in the classroom environment if they:

  1. As required, wear a mask for 14 days after their last date of exposure.
  2. Self-monitor, or parent-monitor, for symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. Isolate and get tested if they start to experience symptoms associated with COVID-19 (regardless of level of severity).

Test to Play (from ODH release):

Asymptomatic contacts in a school environment may continue to participate in extracurricular activities if they:

  1. Wear a mask when able. This includes wearing a mask during transportation, such as traveling on a team bus to and from games; while in locker rooms; while sitting or standing on the sidelines; and any time the mask will not interfere with breathing, the activity in which they are participating, or create a safety hazard.
  2. Test on initial notification of exposure to COVID-19.
  3. Test again between days 5-7 following exposure to COVID-19. If they are negative at this time, they will test out of quarantine after day 7 and can resume normal activities.

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